Espesadores de Relaves Proyecto Original Minera Los Pelambres. Salamanca, Choapa Province, Coquimbo IV Region, Chile.
Espesadores de Relaves Proyecto Original Minera Los Pelambres

Construction Services

Our company offers contractors and owners all the required support for the construction of industrial or infrastructure projects, and the specialized equipment & instrumentation for start-up and commissioning. Our engineering services include inspections and quality control testings, if required. We offer constructive solutions for complex situations, under tight schedules.

Project Execution

  • Construction
  • Equipment & Instrumentation Mounting & Commissioning
  • Jobsite Technical Supervision for Disciplines
  • Jobsite Technical Inspections for Disciplines
  • Quality Checking Tests, in Jobsite and Laboratory
  • Material Resistance Tests
  • Quality Checking for Existing Facilities
  • Specialized Inspections
2023-08-10 - Centra Ingenieros

Engineering – Procurement – Construction