Canalizaciones Libres de Halógenos. Canalizaciones Rígidas y Flexibles Libres de Halógenos para Proyectos Eléctricos
Canalizaciones Libres de Halógenos

Halogen Free Conduits

Our company is able to supply the following types of conduits under the Free Halogen category:

  • Halogen Free Conduits, for power and network -voice and data- plugs in offices,
  • Halogen Free Conduits for Wire & Cable,
  • Halogen Free Flexible Corrugated Conduit,
  • Halogen Free Rigid Tubes,
  • Halogen Free Special Manufactured Pieces.

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As part of the Electrical Engineering Discipline, our company is offering the procurement of Halogen Free conduits & tubes, according the Chilean Norm 4 2003 specifications, for the wire & cable routing, as a Non-Metallic alternative for the standard EMT / galvanized tubes, which are required in some facilities design where an electrical risk mitigation is required, for the protection of equipment, structures and their users.

Chilean Norm and Halogen Free Conduits

The Chilean Norm 4 2003 (NCh Elec. 4/2003) under the paragraph suggests the usage of Metallic or Free Halogen Tubes as electrical materials, for the construction of facilities which can be classified as “spaces for people meeting”. Under certain conditions, the following facilities could fall onto this classification, when building electrical installations: educational spaces, gymnasiums, commercial locals, offices, or any space where a permanent flow or a permanent number of people can be found. This requirement also can be applied for facilities subject to reduced ventilation or for recirculation air zones.

Self Extinguishing Flame Materials

The general criteria for electrical materials in construction is to be self extinguishing flame, that is, in case of failures, overloads or accidents, which can involve a fire risk by electrical isolation loss in the conductors, the facilities exposed to fire can contain the fire propagation. Nevertheless, the self extinguishing flame materials could release toxic gases in these cases.

PVC Materials

Though the PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) is widely used as self extinguishing flame electrical material, its chemical composition is based on Chlorine. In case of combustion, a Chlorine based material can release Hydrogen Chloride (HCl), toxic gas which could eventually release Hydrochloric Acid in contact with water.

Halogen Free Materials

Halogens are chemical compounds derivated from Fluorine (F), Bromine (Br), Chlorine (Cl) and Iodine (I). Halogen Free materials are not only flame retardant, but the fumes volume released by its interaction with fire and with elevated heat sources is several times lesser than conventional flame retardant materials. Also, their fumes toxicity is lower.

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