Hospital de Maipú. Sistema de Monitoreo Sísmico compuesto de Sensores de Aceleración y Demarcadores de Desplazamiento en Hospital El Carmen Dr. Luis Valentín Ferrada. Comuna de Maipú, Santiago, Chile.

Seismic Monitoring Systems

The CENTRA Vybra Protect and Vybra Monitor are health monitoring systems for structures, installations or equipment, allowing a low cost per monitoring point, with the following features:

  1. Seismic Monitoring of your Work and Commercial facilities,
  2. Monitoring of Operational and Seismic Vibrations for Industrial Facilities,
  3. Monitoring of Mechanical Equipment under incipient faults and declared severe failures through on-line vibration assessment.

During the last years, our know-how allowed us to design the Vybra systems: monitoring of seismic and operational vibrations, covering the following specifications:

  1. Diagnose the hazard from seismic activity and operational vibrations, through low cost, reliable, specialized instrumentation,
  2. Nowadays, both hospitals and high tall buildings expose a considerable seismic vulnerability,  when the dynamics of those structures is not being monitored. When those structures were built under hidden construction failures, the vulnerability is even bigger.
  3. It is possible to remotely monitor your assets, from any side of the world, 24×7.

The Vybra systems can monitor any of the following variables:

  1. Structural Variables: Displacements and strains on a minor scale,
  2. Mechanical Variables: Vibracions, acceleracions and loads,
  3. Process Variables: Levels, Flows, Speeds, Chemical Levels, Humidity, etc.

The cost of the Vybra system adapts to your asset distribution. We offer two possible product options:

  1. High resolution per monitoring point, for critical sectors,
  2. Low cost per monitoring point, for large and space distributed sectors.

The seismic hazars is out of question. The smart monitoring of assets is a reality since several decades, and the usage of health monitoring systems both for facilities and structures can lead to an excelent tool for your business.

2023-08-10 - Centra Ingenieros

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