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Our Policies

Our Alcohol and Drug Policy

Our Company has defined and established an Alcohol and Drug Policy, to prevent, improve, keep and preserve the life quality of its employees, allowing an adequate performance and competitiveness within the company and promoting healthy lifestyles.

It is our commitment to maintain optimal workplaces that allow us to achieve safety and productivity standards of excellence. The company is aware that alcoholism, drug addiction and abuse of hallucinogenic and / or unnerving substances by officials are associated with health problems, with adverse effects on performance capacity, and that considerably affect health, safety, efficiency and productivity of our projects.

  1. Medicinal Use of Drugs. The use and / or possession of drugs or drugs will be authorized only when they are subject to clinical treatments duly justified by medical licenses issued by specialist medical professionals and accepted by Our Company.
  2. Unjustified drug consumption. Notwithstanding the above, the unjustified use, possession, distribution or sale of drugs, drugs and / or hallucinogenic or unnerving substances during working hours, within the company’s facilities or during the provision of services, is strictly prohibited.
  3. Consumption of alcoholic beverages. Also, the consumption, possession, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages during working hours, within the company’s facilities or during the provision of services is strictly prohibited.

The company may conduct alcohol and drug tests directly or through third parties when there are reasons to suspect the use of alcohol and / or drugs, or when a worker or contractor is involved in an accident and a relationship with the use or abuse of an accident must be ruled out. these.

Our Company allocates sufficient resources to comply with this policy and expects, on its part, the collaboration of all officials, actively participating in this objective.

Our Quality Policy, Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Community

Our Company, committed to continuous improvement and excellence, conducts its activities in a responsible manner through Seven Practices:

  1. Commitment. Develop and maintain long-term relationships with our customers by meeting their quality, occupational health, safety, environmental and community requirements.
  2. Zero Risks. Identify, evaluate and control the risks of their activities, products and services that affect the integrity, physical, occupational health and welfare of their workers, the environment to the community, physical assets, or the normal course of their processes, implementing programs of preventive and corrective actions, reflecting this way, its commitment with the prevention of damages to people and professional illnesses.
  3. Personal development. Permanently develop the technical and human skills and competencies of our staff in the field of quality, occupational health, safety, environment and community.
  4. Efficiency. Promote and generate the efficiency of the internal processes of the organization.
  5. Excellence. Search excellence in all activities developed at a market rate.
  6. Law. Comply with the current legislation, regarding quality, occupational health, safety, environment and community.
  7. Respect. Promote a culture of respect and care for the environment.

It is the responsibility of the administration and management line of the organization to grant the resources, the conditions, the evaluation of the progress and application of these principles and commitments, but its fulfillment is the responsibility of all its executives, workers and collaborators.

Safe Work Internal Policy

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Order, Hygiene, Health and Safety Internal Policy

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