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Certified Steel Supply

Chile & South America Certified Steel Supply

Centra Engineers is a Business Partner with Threeway Steel Co. Ltd. in Chile and South America.

Through this alliance, we seek to offer our clients an interesting alternative to the existing market. We offer the following advantages:

– Mill Steel in China, audited by the SGS,
– ASTM Steel Pieces, with laboratory certificates for samples on the package supply.

Steel and Prefabricated Structure

We offer the alternative of prefabricated on factory, on the steel origin. That is, the steel pieces are not only prepared, but the elaboration of entire complete pieces is executed – including special weldings and finishing works- on the China factory. We offer attractive rates, for reducing costs and schedule times on jobsite.

– Preparation of Pieces and Special Cuts,
– Welding Works,
– Anti-Corrosive and Standard Painting.

Factory Acceptance Tests, in Remote Comunication with Contractor

Under both modes, one of our professionals performs the supply on factory in China, and send the proper certificates, and the inspection reports of the products, before their shipping, in strict coordination with the Contractor of the Final Client. Nowadays media allows a permanent communication in voice & data, videos, detailed photos, change instructions at the same minute, etc., at Contractor request:

– The Final Client Approvals are expedited,
– The incidents, transport and shipping delays, and uncoordinated activities are reduced to a minimum,
– The traceability of the supply is empowered.

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